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In an industry where responsiveness, quality and consistency are key to survival, Tarabasoft is driven by a mission to deliver above and beyond the industry values and customer expectations.

Values and Beliefs
Tarabasoft operates in accordance with a set of core values and beliefs, which are critical to the continued success of the company.

Customer Centric
Tarabasoft operates in a Customer Centric manner. It means depending upon the Customer’s specific needs, Tarabasoft assembles the right skilled team to deliver the product / software solution. Tarabasoft teams take pride in "achieving the deliverables" in the prescribed time and budget.

Tarabasoft team continues to nourish and enhance its "Open Environment". Teams operate in a methodical manner and have the flexibility to manage their deliverables to satisfy customer needs. Professional input and sanity-check is sought and provided across the organization. Any "Idea" is considered to be "good" irrespective of its source and is provided due process to adopt or to build-upon.

Tarabasoft team members deal with its customers as well as each other with professional respect. Tarabasoft values its customers’ Confidential Information at the same high levels of its own Confidential Information. "Tarabasoft values Integrity".

The only way that Tarabasoft knows how best to operate is in a "team environment". Joint teams are formed with the customer at the very beginning of every engagement and the team manages the deliverables. Tarabasoft team members come from various backgrounds, both professionally and individually!
We are a team of 20 professionals which includes designers, programmers, project managers and quality assurance staff.


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