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Pranav Joshi  | Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Pranav Joshi is Master Graduate in Computer Science from a Pune university in India and has an excellent academic record.. He is the Chief Executive Director of the Company. He has been dynamically leading the company since its inception. He is the executive decision maker for the overall corporate development, strategy and company operations.
Under his stewardship, the company has attained a leadership position in IT industry in a short span of time. He has conceptualized various pioneering and sucessful strategic solutions in IT which have become benchmarks in the Industry.

Shweta Lunkad | Manager (Operations)
Shweta is a Computer Engineer from University of Pune in India. She has an experience in the area of Software Testing . As the Manager, Shweta actively participate in Operations Management, Sales and Strategic Planning at Tarabasoft. She also contributes to the business development. Shweta guides the company strategy, strategic business development, strategic partnering and alliance development, customer centric focus, and the direction of internal product/technology development.

Shirish Nerkar | Marketing Director
Shirish Nerkar has done MBA in Marketing. He is a propagandist of the Service Oriented Architecture and has a firm belief that web-services is the next wave of software development. Soon, the universe of software is going to get caught in the "Web of Grids". As the Marketing Director, Shirish is at the helm of technical aspects of the projects. He along with others navigates the company in the direction that fits with our mission. The core technology and the standards to be adhered is also something which is under his purview.


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