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The process is cyclical because inevitably development creates new opportunities and possibilities to take advantage of it.

  We have adopted a specific methodology to application development, It breaks down the development process into 5 major stages.
This stage is everything from the first contact with our client, up until we start designing the application architecture. During Discovery, there is extensive communication between our project managers and our client. We plan out the whole scope of the project, solidify costs and deliverables, and start setting development milestones. At this stage, we like to shoot for 75-80% understanding of every area of the application, and how they will all relate once developed.

Following Discovery, we enter the most crucial stage in the process. During this stage, we design the entire application in the form of a “click-through” model, or a “skeleton site”. This is typically in the form of HTML pages or graphic screenshots. This sets the tempo for the rest of the process, as all business logic and process decisions are made during this phase. We work closely with our clients during this phase, to ensure that they understand the complete process, and how the various areas of the application will work together. Following this stage, before development begins, we shoot for 85- 95% project scope knowledge (some changes and concepts can only be fully understood from working models, which typically come out during initial stages of development).

This is typically the longest stage in the process. While it still requires client involvement, it is typically less involved than the other stages. Client involvement typically consists of progress monitoring, and the early stages of the Debug phase because most business decisions have already been made. During this stage, we convert the skeleton site to functioning server-side pages, linked to the database.

There is usually some overlap between Development and Debug, as some areas of the application can typically be tested as others are being developed. We strongly encourage client participation during this stage, as it has be found greatly increase the effectiveness in the bug-finding process. This stage is also often referred to as the “Beta” phase.

Once 85-90% of the bugs are discovered and repaired, we move to Deployment (some bugs always arise after real-life testing takes place). During Deployment, we move the application from our development servers to their stable, permanent location. We clear out all testing data, and prepare for live user tests. This phase is also referred to as the Launch”. One of the most important aspects to our successful methodology is client involvement. We strongly encourage clients to take an active role in the entire process, as we see the best results achieved this way.

What's Next?
The process is cyclical because inevitably development creates new opportunities and possibilities to take advantage of. The next step is back to discovery.


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